28 January, 2013

Try the Morgue by Eva Maria Staal

This is definitely a novel worth reading. Especially if you like anything to do with guns. But it is about so much more than guns and gun running or trading. It is about a woman who goes from having no street smarts to a woman who can notice the slightest change in a person's attitude. It is about a woman who cares about her boss so much so that she risks her job, her bosses business, and their life in some deals.

I feel that this "memoir" of a sort is a very good start for Staal, and that she should continue on with this style of writing and maybe tell more of her stories other than the main points that led to the demise of the business and boss that she worked for.

The only thing that I would suggest with this novel is that it is a bit choppy and doesn't have good flow to it. I would have liked to have not jumped around so much with this story especially when it would bounce around between the flashbaacks and when she was talking about her daughter. Maybe this is something that could have been its own book or just left out entirely, especially since we don't even know why she is moving really.

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