03 September, 2012

Lets get things rolling...

So, to begin my journey I decided to re-read one of my favorite books...oh, who am I kidding, I love almost every book I come across. The book I'm talking about is called SABRIEL, which was written by Garth Nix. In this story of a young girl's adventure to find her father, many hardships and misfortunes beset her along the way.

This story starts out innocently enough by describing her relationship, albeit tenuous and very long distance, with her father. We are then introduced to the concept of the necromancer, crossing between Life and Death, and magic, and that these are the ideas that will be repeated throughout this novel. However, unlike most authors, Nix dumps you straight into the action. Almost immediately, the action begins with the arrival of a messenger that pretty much tells Sabriel her father, Abhorsen, is in trouble by giving her the tools her father uses.

Unfortunately for Sabriel, she has no choice but to set out to save her father who is trapped in Death, even though she is no where near prepared or ready to take on the role of Abhorsen. This is a fact that she is constantly reminded of throughout the entire novel right up until the very end. 

After meeting new friends, and some not so nice characters, all of which are all a part of a larger scheme planned by a formidable creature that resides in Death, Sabriel finally learns the secret that tells why this formidable creature is out for blood. 

Will Sabriel be reunited with her father, or will she have to take on the role of Abhorsen permanently? 

There's really only one way to figure out the answer to all of the questions that arise, and that is to read this amazing novel that Nix so graciously provided for us. I feel that this would be a book that any appropriately aged child could fall in love with, as well as any teen or adult. It truly is a story you don't want to miss out on if the sci-fi fantasy genre is you or someone you love's thing.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting book! I will definitely have to check it out!