05 September, 2012

Paradise Lost by Milton

In this epic poem, we are faced with Milton's theistic debate about Satan and God. Here however, instead of idealizing and idolizing God, he instead makes the reader feel almost sorry for Satan. Milton also delves deeper into the happenings of Eden, as well as the fall of the angel Lucifer.
If you want something that will have you thinking and rethinking, then this is the poem for you. While reading this it really made me think about certain things like is Satan really only bad or is God really ONLY good?

All things considered (and I'm an atheist), this is one of the better books I have read involving religion. This is solely based on the fact that not only does it make the reader think but Milton combines both biblical and fictional subjects such as Jesus and Capaneus from Dante's Inferno. He even goes so far as to question the bible as well as how the subject of religion can be related back to so many different other authors like Dante.It also compares this religious view to that of government as well as different hierarchies.

When all is said and done, this is definitely something everyone should be made to read at one point or another. Even if you think it will be offensive, I'm fairly certain that it will open your eyes and make you think with a more open mind than you did before.

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